Arkansas Extradition and Arrest Warrant Attorney

Extradition Into Arkansas From Another State

If another jurisdiction seeks to extradite you from another state into Arkansas, you should hire counsel in Arkansas. You have certain rights and may be eligible for a fugitive bond among other things. A fugitive bond allows you to report to another jurisdiction with being detained in the meantime. Otherwise, you could find yourself being held for some time in one jurisdiction waiting for another jurisdiction to come pick you up and transport you all the way back to another state, all the while being in custody. A fugitive bond may allow you to post a bond guaranteeing an appearance in another state and maintaining your freedom allowing you to properly defend yourself in against any potential charges. There are steps that can be taken to minimize the effect of logistical and financial problems.

Extradition From Arkansas to Another State

Sometimes, it is possible to block extradition from Arkansas to another State. In such cases, I can provide effective representation here in Arkansas. When extradition is unavoidable, I can work with the prosecutors and law enforcement in other states to try and arrange for a fugitive bond among other things. However, because I am not licensed to practice in other states, you will need to retain counsel in the state from which the warrant was issued.

Arrest Warrants

If you are being investigated (link) or think you may have a warrant issued for your arrest, you need to hire an attorney immediately. In most cases, a person who is arrested on a felony warrant can spend up to 48 hours in jail before being able to post a bond. A bond is not set until you appear in front of a Judge. There is a general rule that gives the state and law enforcement up to 48 hours, and in some cases more, to get the necessary paperwork to the Judge to set your bond.  The end result is simple, you can sit in jail for two days before even having the opportunity to post a bond and get out. However, you may be allowed to turn yourself in and arrange for a bond to be set in advance which allows you to be booked and turn around and get out. This minimizes an unnecessary two day stint in your local jail simply waiting for a bond to be set.

If you know you are being investigated (link), you need to get your own investigation underway.

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