Arkansas Probation Violation and Parole Violation Defense Attorney

Probation Violations

There is a lot at stake if you are accused of a probation violation. The maximum sentence that you could have received for your original conviction can be fully enforced with proof of a probation violation. In certain circumstances, you can be held without bond while awaiting the outcome of a probation violation. Probation violations can happen for a number of reasons including failure to report to your probation officer, failure to pay fines and costs, associating with the wrong people, or being accused of committing a new crime while on probation. If your probation violation involves being accused of committing a new crime, that new case is all the more important. There are numerous things that can be accomplished by an experienced attorney to get your probation back on track and keep you out of jail. Mr. Wilkinson has successfully handled hundreds of probation violation cases.

Parole Violations

Parole violations are often the result of being accused of committing a new crime. Parole violation hearings are set quickly and you generally don’t have much time to retain an attorney. If you are serving time on a parole violation, you need an attorney that will work with your parole officer. In some case you can receive credit for time served on your parole violation as well as credit for time served on any pending charges that may result.

Criminal Defense Attorney Shane Wilkinson is not just a former prosecutor, but the former Chief Deputy Prosecutor of Benton County, Arkansas. Mr. Wilkinson understands how prosecutors and law enforcement will attempt to build a case against you. Mr. Wilkinson will thoroughly examine every piece of evidence, including the procedures followed by police when obtaining that evidence, in order to most effectively present a defense.

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