Arkansas Expungement Attorney

Clearing Your Record with an Expungement

Having an arrest, criminal charge, or a conviction on your record can have many negative consequences. When you apply for a job or a lease, you have to disclose it. Most employers and landlords run background checks. You may have completed and satisfied all of the terms of your probation, but it will still show up on your background check. Even if you were never convicted, you arrest will likely show up on a background check. That may seem unfair, but that is the reality of the law in Arkansas. Generally speaking, you must take an affirmative step and get your record expunged and sealed before you slate is wiped clean. It is a common misconception that happens automatically, but in most cases you must file certain paperwork with the court, and have an order signed before you file is truly sealed. Mr. Wilkinson knows what negative effects a criminal record can have on your life, and he understands how to get your record cleared once and for all.

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